About Me

My love of creating healthy food and seeing the positive effects of proper nutrition on my own health – particularly in managing my social anxiety and ADHD symptoms, balancing my thyroid, improving my body composition, eliminating migraines, and regulating my sex hormones – were the driving forces leading me to study and continue learning nutrition, and help others who might be struggling like I have along the way.

I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, first with my RHN in 2011 (tying for Highest Overall Standing in my graduating class!), and then my Advanced RHN in 2012. I’m also a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Clinical Practitioners (CANNP).

Currently I specialize in plant-based and clinical nutrition to support all aspects of sexual health, as well as fitness and athletics, cognitive function, and body image. I have a creative eye for detail when addressing my clients’ lifestyles and health concerns, as well as for menu design and recipe development (my flexitarian husband and “sous-chef” often provides helpful feedback and many yummy-noises on that last one). I’ve enjoyed the benefits of yoga, cardio kickboxing, and a conscientious plant-based lifestyle since 1999.

In my spare time I read science fiction and fantasy novels, snuggle with my cat, curate my ever-expanding tea collection, teach piano lessons, and commit random and bizarre biological factoids to memory.

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