Tired, Burnt Out and Addicted to Sugar?

How to Take Back Control of Your Diet

& Reclaim your Energy

{PLUS Delicious Holiday Mocktails}

Do you try to eat healthy, but feel controlled by your cravings for sugar and certain
carbs that drain your energy?

Join me for this Talk & Taste

Tuesday December 5 2017

7:00PM at Holistic Roots Wellness

475 Cambridge St S Ottawa ON

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Are you exhausted every morning, even after
getting plenty of sleep?

Do you often feel lethargic, lacking the mental
and physical energy to do the things you love?

Are you constantly reaching for sugary foods, carbs, or caffeinated drinks — just to give yourself a temporary energy boost?

If so… sugar might be controlling YOU and your energy levels, instead of YOU controlling how you feel!

Luckily, there’s a simple fix.

I’m hosting this Talk & Taste to help you eliminate cravings, so you can take back control of your diet and reclaim your energy — WITHOUT relying on sugar, caffeine, carbs, or other stimulants.

Plus, sample some delicious low-sugar holiday mocktails throughout the session, and take home the recipes to share with your holiday guests!

During this Talk & Taste you’ll learn:

Why sugar and certain carbs are the hidden source of your constant FATIGUE and tiredness, day after day (even when you’re getting enough sleep).

The #1 food that’s causing you to feel tired and drained — while producing an endless cycle of cravings followed by “crashes”

How and why sugar wreaks havoc on your hormones and metabolism and preventing you from burning fat.

The TRUTH about carbohydrates — which ones are good for you, which ones are bad for you, and how to choose carbs that create long-lasting, stable energy throughout the day — instead of zapping you of vitality at the worst moments! (Yes, not all carbs are equal!)

My little-known strategy for kicking cravings to the curb, so you can finally reclaim full control over your diet and boost your energy (without willpower)!

Plus enjoy healthy holiday mocktails, and everyone gets a free gift ($27 value) for attending!

Register Now (It’s only $17 +HST, or $30 +HST for 2)!

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