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Why choose a Holistic Nutritionist?

My passion is to give you the tools to be your healthiest and happiest self.  By gauging your health status and history, learning more about how and what you eat and the lifestyle surrounding it, I can create a plan for you to begin nourishing your well-being to reach your health goals.

I base my recommendations for you on research, evidence, and experience, while tailoring them to fit your lifestyle.

 I welcome clients with a wide range of health goals, as the systems and functions of the body are amazingly interconnected.

My specialties include:

- Nutrition for reproductive system function and sexual health for women and men
- Menu planning for vegan/plant-based/flexitarian diets and allergies
- Fitness and athletic nutrition
- Nutritional support for healthy skin, hair, joints, and bones
- Nutrition for improved energy, cognitive/mental health, and stress management

Love Plants For Life

Plant-Based & Whole Food Nutrition

Several times a year I offer a variety of workshops, challenges, e-books, and more under my Love Plants for Life banner.  All of these offerings, including my Recipes of the Month (see tab above), are vegan and allergy-friendly, but you donít have to be vegan to enjoy them!

Visit my Love Plants for Life Blog for additional tips and notes, product reviews, personal experiences, and more.

     The NNCP Advantage

As a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP), Iíve been granted the title Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner (NNCP). Having this title may allow you to claim my services on your private insurance. At this time, carriers offering coverage for NNCPs include ManuLife and GreenShield. Please inform me if you intend to submit your receipt for coverage so that I can provide the necessary forms for your claim.

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